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Perry Perkins


"Amid life's challenges, Perry's words radiate hope and faith."

Dear Readers,

I am Perry P. Perkins, and it’s a joy to connect with you through the written word. My life as a work-at-home dad in the heart of the Midwest has been enriched by faith and family. As a proud graduate of the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writer’s Guild, I’ve penned novels like “Just Past Oysterville” and “Shoalwater Voices.”

My writing journey has led me to countless magazines, from Bible Advocate and Guideposts to Parenting and Writer’s Digest. I’ve also been privileged to contribute to twenty-two inspiring Chicken Soup for the Soul anthologies.

Through my words, I hope to share the transformative power of faith and the beauty of life lived in reverence to our Creator. Join me on this spiritual journey, and together, let’s discover the purpose and inspiration that God’s grace bestows.

Warm regards,

Perry P. Perkins