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Sarah Chambers

Site Editor

"Even in the darkest nights, God's love is the star that never fades."

Hi there!

I’m Sarah, one of the voices behind Best Daily Prayer.

It’s not incorrect to say that my life’s been like a rollercoaster. Many ups, many downs, unexpected twists, all shaped by faith, family, and a God who never seems to leave my side.

Growing up in a strict Catholic family. Religion felt more like a chore than a choice. I wasn’t keen on going to church or praying, but it was a mandatory family tradition, so I always complied. It was like eating your greens ’cause you’re told to, not ’cause you want to. 

Then one day, life threw me a curveball. My dad, the rock of our family, passed away. It was like a sudden thunderstorm in the middle of a summer’s day. But when the clouds rolled in, I found a lifeline in prayer. My connection with God, which had been as formal as a hand-written invitation, turned into a comforting chat over a cup of coffee. He was my lighthouse, guiding me through the darkest storm, and He’s still my guiding star.

All these twists and turns, they didn’t just mold me, they nudged me onto a path I’d never imagined. I felt this pull, you know, like a magnet, to share God’s word. So, I picked up a pen and began writing. It was like finding a missing puzzle piece.

Now, I’ve got a lively 8-year-old, Chris, who’s my world. And, just like my folks did, I’m passing down the faith to him (in a less strict and modern way, haha!). I want Chris to understand God and our faith as a warm hug, not a strict schoolmaster. I want him to feel free to question, doubt, and find his own footing on this journey of faith. 

In addition to passing it down to my son, I started developing a passion for writing. I’ve always had a way with words, been a chatterbox since I could talk, but putting those words on paper, now that was a whole new experience. I realized I had stories to tell, stories of faith, of God’s love, and of life’s ups and downs. So, one day, I sat down, pen in hand, and let my heart spill onto the page. It was like watching a black and white movie burst into color. Suddenly, my two greatest passions, God and writing, intertwined like two vines growing together. And that’s when I knew – I was meant to be a storyteller of faith, using my words to paint pictures of God’s love and grace. It felt as right as a well-worn pair of boots, and I haven’t looked back since.

As I keep on this winding road, I’m gonna use my words to bring hope, to lift spirits, and to offer a shoulder to lean on. To help others find their own chat-over-coffee relationship with God, just like I have. And, hopefully, discover the peace it brings, even when life’s rollercoaster takes a scary plunge.