Soul Ties: What Does The Bible Say


Humans are social beings and so we have numerous, distinct relationships with the people in our lives. Some people believe in special connections and relationships such as soulmates, twin flames, and soul ties. A good number of believers also regard and accept these mystical terms in relationships.

Where did Soul Ties Originate from?

The concept of soul ties originated in New age and Wiccan beliefs and some Christians adopted this belief to imply that sexual intercourse leads to a linking of the souls of the persons involved.

Later, the phrase began to be used more lightly to describe a very powerful emotional bond to someone. 

Following this description, their claims are that there are healthy ‘ties’ observed in marriage and friendships, but like with everything that has pros, there are also cons. To go more in depth with real facts, let’s ask some questions. What exactly is a soul tie? What are the dangers of this phenomenon and what does the Bible really say about them?

What Does It Mean To Have Soul Ties?

It is the ‘knitting’ of two souls that forms a spiritual connection between them. The concept of a soul tie is connecting a person’s soul to another so that there is a kind of bridge that allows things like demons to enter one of them from the other.

It is a belief that is not scripturally accurate. However, many Christians use certain scriptures like Genesis 2:24 to support this propaganda.

With their definition of soul ties, they allege that having one is a useful thing in marriage and certain partnerships but it is also the cause of a lot of problems outside those relationships.

What Creates A Soul Tie?

Some believe that humans are born with their spirits tied. Others say they are actually formed through a series of physical, spiritual, social, or emotional exercises that include: 

  • Sexual intercourse. 

The scripture in Ephesians 5:31 is often used to drive this point. It says, “For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.”

The term ‘one flesh’ here is believed to be a soul tie even though the Bible doesn’t say so. Regardless, such a Godly relationship between a spouse was intended by God to be unbreakable. (Mark 10:7-9).

However, in the lives of fornicators i.e people who have sex outside of marriage, it can be quite dangerous.

  • Covenants and vows.

Numbers 30:2 mentions that the soul itself is involved in a vow. So those who believe in these ties say that they are a way of binding souls. That’s also how ties between spouses are formed because they also take vows and are bound to one another. According to these teachings, covenants between people also bind their souls together and that is why people must be careful who they make vows or enter into covenants with, as is the norm.

  • Intimate relationships.

In relationships where people are vulnerable, open, and bare themselves before the other person, ties can be established. Christians who believe in soul ties cite 1 Samuel 18:1 as an example where they say that David and Jonathan’s souls were ‘knit together’. Other relationships like idolization and obsession can also establish unhealthy ties.

What Are The Four Types Of Soul Ties?

According to this doctrine, there are 4 major ways souls are attached to each other;

  • Physical soul ties.

These types are formed by sexual intercourse. Science tries to give an explanation by saying that when you have sex with someone, your body releases oxytocin, known as “the bonding hormone” which endears and links you to the other person. 

  • Emotional soul ties.

This type forms between people with common emotions, including love and admiration. These ties aren’t necessarily romantic and can be simply platonic. They also form between people who have shared a very strong emotional experience with each other like trauma.

  • Social ties.

These are platonic tethers usually formed between friends, schoolmates, sororities, fraternities, colleagues e.t.c. It gives a sense of comradeship and is formed when close relationships are developed between people in groups like teams and communities.

  • Spiritual soul ties.

In their belief, this type goes beyond emotions and the physical. It is the main type of soul tie. It’s relatively dangerous because it’s easy to be unaware of. It is not seen and many people walk around oblivious of the tethers they have spiritually linked to another person.

It is also believed that all of these types of attachments are interrelated and people can have more than one type attaching them.

How Can You Tell If You Have A Soul Tie?

Some of the grounds the believers in the tie doctrine include are:

  • A feeling of deep connection to the person.
  • A huge sense of familiarity. Even if you haven’t known them for long they feel like they’ve always been in your life.
  • They provoke powerful or very different reactions from you than normal.
  • You may feel like they “complete” you. These people feel a sense of completion with the ones they are tied to.
  • You feel like your relationship with the person is rare or unique. It hasn’t been found with other people and can’t be found again.
  • They always show up at important moments of your life. At a low point, or when you feel vulnerable and offer their support.
  • It always feels like something is missing if they’re not in your life or around you.

What Does The Bible Actually Say About Soul Ties?

The verses of the Bible these false teachings use to justify soul ties are simply passages trying to explain the commitment and intimacy of biblical relationships.

The Bible mentions close friendships like that of David and Jonathan, the sanctity of marriage, and the closeness between spouses. It is to help us understand that we must commit to showing godly love in our relationships.

As powerful as marriage is, it does not unite a husband and his wife in spirit but in the body. Romans 7 helps us understand that they are one in body alone till the death of their bodies, Their marriage does not continue in heaven as there is no marriage in heaven (Matthew 22:30).

Our spirits belong to Jesus alone, and never to each other.

Final Thoughts

Soul ties are used to justify ungodly relationships which the Bible warns us about in 2 Corinthians 6:14

It is a very misplaced belief because though it is true that fornication is a sin against God and opens us to the devil’s attacks, our spirits do not fuse to form bridges with the spirits of others. 

As believers, we must guard our hearts and not subscribe to this unbiblical concept.