The Jezebel Spirit: How to Recognize and Fight Against It


The devil, an unrepentant enemy of the Kingdom of God, will continuously devise means to destroy and pull away as many people from Christianity. The Bible brazenly states this in John 10:10, “The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy…”(John 10:10 AMPa). To this effect, the devil controls a legion of spirits that carry out his evil plans here on Earth. You might be familiar with the spirit of lust, the spirit of anger, the spirit of malice, the spirit of jealousy, etc. The names of these spirits tell of their function/role in crumbling the body of Christ.  

Why do you need to know this? Every believer should have a competent knowledge of the spirits at the disposal of the devil to bring down God’s Kingdom. He won’t stop attacking, so you shouldn’t stop learning about him to effectively deploy the weapons God has put in your hands. 

The Jezebel spirit is a tactical spirit being from the throes of hell you should be aware of as a Christian. Ever heard of this spirit? Jezebel, as a woman, is quite famous for her nefarious and sinister deeds in the kingdom of Israel, but her kind of spirit is not. This article will give you details on everything you should know about what the Jezebel Spirit is, how it can be recognized, and how to protect yourself from its dangerous tactics.

What is a Jezebel spirit? 

The two books of Kings recount the story of Jezebel, the wife of King Ahab, a one-time ruler of Israel. As his queen, she prompted King Ahab to introduce the worship of Baal, kill innocent hardworking men so he could steal their vineyard, murder God’s prophets, and also pose as a serious threat to the prophet Elijah. All her deeds were highly deceptive, sexually immoral, and evil, only enriching herself while promoting the worship of her god.

To this end, a Jezebel spirit is a cunny, intelligent and evil spirit that rummages through the Kingdom of God to soil, damage, and destroy the believer using seduction and manipulative means. The intelligence of this spirit makes its actions very subtle, hence it cannot be easily identified. The Jezebel spirit is a kind of spirit that strives to cause a division in the body of Christ, and does this primarily through seduction. 

Jezebel Spirit In The Bible

As said earlier, the Jezebel spirit was never indicated in the bible, but the person of Jezebel was. Through the books of 1 Kings, 2 Kings, and even Revelations, we can see different verses that indicated the character of Jezebel. 

In 1 Kings 16:31, Jezebel was introduced as the daughter of Ethbaal, king of Sidonians, and the newly wedded wife of King Ahab. The people of Sidon had an awful reputation for the worship of mundane gods and goddesses, with Baal as the chief among them. As seen in the next verse, King Ahab built a house for Baal on his land due to Jezebel’s influence. Despite the reign of Baal in Israel, Jezebel didn’t stop there but went ahead to ruthlessly kill God’s prophets as seen in 1 Kings 18:4.

Elijah and Jezebel remained enemies, as they battled for religious supremacy in the land of Israel. After Elijah slaughtered all 450 prophets of Baal, Jezebel vowed to make him one of God’s prophets she had killed, signaling the beginning of their feud.

In 1 Kings 21: 8-10, Jezebel maliciously ordered the killing of Naboth in order to get his vineyard for her husband. Jezebel, welding so much influence connived with and ordered the elders of Israel to carry out this act. This incident caused Elijah’s confrontation of Ahab’s reign as a king and ultimately led to his death.

Jezebel, unperturbed by the coming of Jehu (the newly anointed King of Israel) to kill her, attempted to seduce him by painting kohl on her eyes but still taunted him by calling him Zimri, Jehu’s father-in-law and a 7-day King of Israel. She was horribly killed and was thrown over the window by the eunuchs in the palace. This last scene of Jezebel can be seen in 1Kings 9: 30-32.

How Can You Recognize A Jezebel Spirit?  

Just like any other agent of the devil, it can be identified through its characteristics. The spirit of anger can be known through its display of destructive anger in the person it inhabits, likewise the spirit of Jezebel. The following are the distinct features portrayed by someone possessive of the Jezebel kind of Spirit:

  • Seduction: Anyone possessed by the Jezebel spirit will most likely use sexual power to break a home or the church. Sexual immorality and promiscuity should be one of the first indications of this kind of spirit. (Revelation 2:20)
  • Manipulation: Jezebel, as seen in the scriptures, was very manipulative. She had so much influence which caused her to make others do her bidding. Anyone with a Jezebel kind of spirit will always try to influence other people negatively in a highly intelligent manner, sometimes in ways that you might not expect. A good sense of spiritual discernment can be quite helpful in deciphering the actions of this demon.
  • Obsessive Control: Control is synonymous to influence but they are not the same. In this context, this spirit will cause its body to crave absolute control over people, things, or situations, oftentimes to make the perpetration of the evil plan at hand easier.
  • Rebel/ Idolatry: This spirit is rebellious and blasphemous. Church authority, or any other form of supremacy is a thorn in the thigh of the Jezebel Spirit, and it will stop at nothing to bring them down and tarnish them.
  • Fruits of the Flesh: These include anger, pride, malice, lies, covetousness etc. All these fruits are core natures of the devil and his agents, hence you can identify them in a Jezebel Spirit.

In essence, you can identify someone possessed by this demon if the person seeks to tear the church or any other institution down through manipulative and seductive means.

How Can We Protect Ourselves From A Jezebel Spirit? 

Before you read the steps listed below, understand that the power accessible to you is backed by Jesus Christ. So there shouldn’t be a cause for alarm “because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” (I John 4:4b NKJV). Follow the steps below when dealing with this demonic spirit.

  • Spiritually discern the presence of this demonic spirit to make sure that you don’t wrongly identify one with a Jezebel spirit.
  • Seek the will of God on how to handle the matter.
  • Pray fervently for the possessed individual. Prayer can change things, including expelling demons from a body. But before you pray ensure that the person you are dealing with is saved. Why? If the person accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal savior, it automatically means the person accepts all that Jesus has done for him/her, including the lawful deliverance from the kingdom of darkness. Your prayer will only be effective if it is based on what Jesus has done.
  • If the possessed individual is a believer, reprimand the person and make the believer aware of what he needs to tackle. Awareness might be met with denial, but it is an effective way to help them protect themselves. Until they are fully aware of this and are ready to receive deliverance, nothing effective will happen.
  • Invoke the blood of Jesus. The power in the blood signifies the entirety of what Jesus Christ did on the cross. It can wipe and wash away any form of spirit that opposes it. 

Final Thoughts 

To conclude, if you identify the presence of the Jezebel Spirit in a believer, don’t just castigate him/her. Instead, join your faith with other believers and pray wholeheartedly for the person. The Jezebel spirit in a believer is not something to be ashamed of, but it should not be tolerated either. Pray fervently for that believer until his deliverance comes. For “…the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.” (Matthew 11:12 NKJV)