7 Powerful and Uplifting Prayers for Your Son


As a parent, it’s not out of place to constantly worry about your son and how he’s faring with life.

You want the best for your son and this comes from an overflowing measure of love and fondness brimming in your heart.

However, sometimes life makes it difficult to carry out our duties as parents, especially when ordeals troubling our sons are outside of our expertise. It’s not like anyone was born with a set of instructions, knowing exactly what to do to make sure a child becomes all that he ought to be.

As a Christian, you have the upper hand while raising your children, because you have a God who is all knowing. That’s why you should never forget to get Him involved in your son’s life through the means of prayer.

Your son should always be under the care of God, so long as you pray for Him. If you haven’t been praying for your son, or you have no idea where to start from, just keep reading.

This article will give you amazing examples of prayers that you can pray for your son to commit him into God’s hand.

A Prayer For Your Son’s Protection


I thank you for protecting my son so far. Thank you for keeping him safe even when I’m not with Him. Lord, my eyes can only see as far as my surroundings. I don’t have the power to see all things, but you see all and even beyond Lord.

Please keep my son under your loving watchful gaze. Keep him safe. Keep him within your peaceful presence and do not let him wander astray. In your infinite mercy, Protect him from any form of emotional, physical, or spiritual harm. Protect him from any aspect of dangerous influence and help him know he can be perfectly safe with you.

Thank you, Jesus. Amen.

Prayer For Son’s Health

Dear Father,

Thank you for the health of my son. Thank you for keeping him up until this day. I know it is not by what I know or by me being too careful with him. I humbly ask that you keep him in good health. Please put an end to any form of disease or illness that might be growing in his body. Give him strong feet, able hands, a working heart, healthy bones, and a bright mind. Provide him with good active vitamins so that he can grow strong and well rounded in you.

Thank you, Jesus. Amen

A Prayer Of Strength For My Son

Dear Jesus,

I pray for strength over my son. There’s nothing like the full surge of your power coursing through his body. Clothe him with your resilience and your power. Strengthen every weak area in his body and mind. Give him the strength he needs to overcome every challenge he will face as a male, even as he grows and learns.

Help him to live through life as a whole.

Thank you, Jesus. Amen.

Healing Prayer For My Son

Dear Father,

your words have made us understand that healing is the children’s bread. Healing is from you, Father. My hope is in you and I am confident because I know you can heal my son.

Please save him from any disease or ailment. Destroy every foul spirit and set him free from the bondage of illness that has held him down. Healing is for my son. The price paid on the cross of Calvary also belongs to my son. My son (you can call him by his name) will not die. He will grow strong and healthy, do outstanding things and live a fulfilled life to the glory of God.

Thank you, Jesus. Amen.

A Prayer For a Struggling Son

Lord Jesus,

We come to intercede on behalf of our son. At this point, he is struggling and needs your wonderful mercies. We cannot help him as much as you do. Help us, Lord. Help our son. Help us touch his heart and heal him from the inside out. Let your transformation power do a reconstructive work in Him. We need your help as a family, Lord. Even if he doesn’t see it, he also needs your help. You know the true problem behind the problem we see. Fix him at the root of the problem, so that he never faces this challenge again. Thank you, Lord, for we know you are merciful and kind to hear us.

Thank you, Jesus. Amen.

Prayer For My Son’s Spiritual Growth

Lord Jesus,

Thank you for your hand upon my son. Thank you for Your love and care for him.
Father, help my son see your unending love and your open arms calling out to him for intimacy. Help him see you as a friend, a savior, a teacher, a brother, a father, and everything that he needs. Help him grow steadily in his relationship with You. Please give him the grace to be consistent in his prayers and the study of the word of God. Also, help him lead others to You.

Let him fully know and be convinced of your existence. Teach him to draw near to you even as you pour out your love for him.

Thank you, Jesus. Amen

A Prayer Of Wisdom For My Son

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for giving me such an intelligent child. I know you are the one who has brought him this far and I know you’re so willing to do more in his life.

I ask that as he grows, you will give him the wisdom he needs to navigate his everyday life. Help him make the right decision, take the right step and live the right way. In your infinite mercy, bless and shower him with such remarkable wisdom in all areas of his life. Let Your glory show forth in everything he lays his hands to do through the wisdom you give to him.

This is my prayer. Thank you, Jesus. Amen.

Final Thoughts

Praying for your son will shield him and help him grow strong and firm. It will also seal your son with the mark of God. He will be safe and steady, even as he grows older.

No matter the trials he faces in life, you will notice that he will always come out even stronger than before. This is because God is invested in his life through your prayers. God does not neglect a parent’s cry for help. He loves your son even more than you do.

Consistently pray for your son(s), your children, and every other young person under you. It serves as a good way of taking care of them. With prayer, you are handing them over to God with so much confidence and peace of mind.

Pray passionately over the life of your son, and you’d see how much God will do, both in and with him.