7 Powerful Prayers for Weight Loss


1 Corinthians 6:19 lets us know that our bodies are God’s temple. It seems only natural to involve He who Dwells in the Temple in any remodeling or renovation exercises that will be going on. The same applies to losing or gaining weight.

Many people don’t think that God wants to know about or be involved in their weight loss journey. But God wants to be involved in every area of our lives, even the parts that aren’t termed as ‘spiritual enough’. It’s in the little details, that’s where His mind is at.

We don’t exactly do our bodies good when we live on junk and refuse to exercise. We need to respect our bodies and our God who lives in them.

It doesn’t matter what your reasons are. To become healthier or look more attractive, the journey to losing pounds is a hard and stressful one. You’ll be tempted to quit so many times along the way.

Prayer will strengthen you and allow God to give you the many boosts of motivation you’ll need to complete your weight loss journey. 

Here are some prayers you can use as a guide to letting God help you on your journey to weight loss:

Prayer for Help on A Weight Loss Journey

Lord, I seek to have more of you Lord, Your words of life, Your vision, Your love, and hope running through my life. Lord, I hope to be less, in terms of my weight and size. I know you love me as I am, but I would love very much to feel free. So, Lord, I need you here. Help my mind to be filled with excitement about changing the foods I eat. Help my body to be enthused about moving more, stretching, and exercising. And help my heart to be soft and hopeful, full of vision for the future and love for my life, my family, and my friends. Thank you that in all this I am not on my own. I walk with you. Amen.

A Prayer For Discipline When Dieting

Dear Lord, Only you see the whole story, only you understand the reasons why I find myself needing to diet. You are my Father and I rest in your arms, so I pray that you would watch over this new attempt to diet. Come and enlighten my mind, reveal new food choices, exercise, and vitality for my life. Lord, help me keep my emotions in check. Help me Lord, not to use food as a comfort for my feelings. Rather, let me bring these feelings to You. And Lord, help me to have vision and hope. May I take each day and rather than seeing it as a pass or fail, see it as a good try. Lord, come change my habits with your breath of love and life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer for Self-Control

Lord my Sure Foundation, I need Your strength to enable me to exercise the godly virtue of self-control over what I eat, how much I eat, and how and when I exercise. I am well-educated on the best way to lose this weight, I just have trouble sticking to a healthy eating and exercise plan. Give me that focus and self-discipline I need to drop these pounds. Strengthen my resolve so I become healthier and happier. Amen.

Prayer For Strength To Stick To The Weight Loss Plan

Dear Lord, I pray for strength to implement the changes in my life that need making and to STICK to them. Help me to not start strong and then fizzle out and want to turn back to comfort when the going gets hard. I want to honor your temple the way you want me to! Help me to be steadfast and to just move on when I want to give up and give in and go back to my old ways. Help me to do EVERYTHING for your glory – the “spiritual stuff” and my day-to-day stuff. I want to bring you into every aspect of my life so please show me areas that I need to welcome you into. Help me to see when I am idolizing weight and body at the expense of you and help me to allow this realization to allow me to walk into a deeper relationship with you. Help me to see the ways that I have not cared for my body in how I eat In the past and to go forward in a whole new way that honors you! In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen!

A Prayer for Success When Trying to Lose Weight

Lord, I come to You today to ask for affirmation. I have done all things and stayed away from all the food I am not supposed to have. Bless me, Father, for more strength to keep it this way. Give me the grace to be stronger and encourage me to keep pushing on. With you, my God, nothing is impossible. I believe that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Thank you, Father, for listening to my plea. I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

A Prayer to Help Resist Cravings

Today I pray to You to grant me the strength to stay away from anything that is unhealthy – alcohol, junk food, carbohydrates, and mycotoxins. I pray that this will help me lose the weight I have gained. Help me stay focused on being healthy and fit, dear God. I believe that I can do all things through Christ, your Son, who truly strengthens me. May this enable me to steer away from all the unhealthy choices that I face each day. I pray that this strength will keep me focused on disciplining my body and doing my workouts religiously. I pray that anything I do, eat or drink only be for Your greater glory. I pray for a support group to push me toward the finish line. I ask for all these in this prayer, O Lord. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer for Motivation When Losing Weight

My God who always leads me to triumph in Christ, please come alongside me in this quest to achieve a healthy weight. I need to maintain motivation, so I do not fall back into overeating and poor food choices. I need to persevere in my focus to keep exercising and not fall back into a sedentary lifestyle. Keep me fixed on the goal, so I can conquer bad habits and develop lifelong good habits. Amen.

Final Thoughts

Apart from strengthening you, prayers for weight loss also keeps your heart in check so that you don’t begin to idolize your body or slip into an obsession with reducing your body mass. It also helps us stay aware of the fact that God loves us and with God all things are possible.

Another tip that also works great is to have a support or an accountability group with other people who are trying to shed some weight as well. It keeps you motivated and less liable to quit. It’s an extra win if they are people you can pray with.