13 Powerful Prayers for My Wife


Your wife is your first priority as a married man, and just like Christ loved the church, God expects that you do the same to her. One of the primary ways you can do this is by offering honest, consistent prayer for her. Through these heartfelt and intentional prayers, you can seek God’s guidance, blessings, and protection for your wife’s well-being and happiness.

As you lift her up in prayer, you strengthen the bond between you, demonstrating your love and commitment in a profound and spiritual manner.

How Does Prayer Help Marriage?

Despite the fact that institution of marriage is being attacked and perverted, prayers are our weapon of warfare. Every godly marriage built to last must stand on the bedrock of Christ by constant supplication.

Additionally, the trajectory of a believer’s life depends greatly on their spouse and marriage. So what can Christian husbands learn from this? Basically, offering prayers for your wife not only builds her life but yours by extension.

What Is a Powerful Prayer for a Wife?

The simple answer is a heartfelt one. Pray earnestly for your loved one, committing the intricate details of their life into God’s hands.

In the long run, you are rewarded with an amazing union where you both spur each other on to achieve your full potential in God. This is the key to a healthy, God-focused marriage that pleases the Lord.

How Do I Pray to Get My Wife?

Whenever you say prayers for finding a life partner, it is important to avoid treating God as if you were placing an order at a restaurant. Adding or subtracting attributes in this manner may lead to mistakes.

Instead pray to be a good husband, for a Christ-centered marriage, and for the different aspects of your spouse’s life. God brings His choice for you in His own time.

Whether you are petitioning to strengthen your marriage by lifting up your spouse and the specifics of their life to God or petitioning in anticipation of one, here are 13 intentional prayers to guide your prayer:

Short Prayer for My Wife

Dear God,

Thank you for my wonderful wife who is a gift from You. Today I ask that You help her become a better version of herself. Inspire her to follow your standards for every role that she has to fill in. Strengthen her with Your Spirit and wrap her in Your love.


Powerful Prayer for My Wife

King of Glory,

I ask that You pour out Your blessings on the woman You have given me to spend the rest of my life with. Bless her job and grant her favor before her colleagues and superiors. Keep her in great health of body, mind, and spirit. Give her the wisdom to sail through the waters of life and the grace to keep the wheel in Your hands. Grant that she may grow in the knowledge and understanding of You and all that You have given her.


Prayer for My Future Wife

Precious Lord,

I pray for my future wife. Help her to grow in faith and her walk with You even as You’re helping me to grow in mine. Let your transformative power touch every aspect of her life; spiritual, emotional, mental, career, and physical. Let Your Spirit also work for me, changing me into the man she wants to marry. Help us to keep You as the focus of our lives and eventually, that of our marriage. Above all, when it is Your appointed time, I ask that You cause our paths to meet and unite forever.


Prayer for My Wife and Marriage

Dear Lord,

Today I make this prayer for my wife and my marriage. Help her to feel fully loved and secure in our union. Help me to be the husband she needs to live up to her full potential in You. Father, shield our union from external attacks. Help us not to give room in our marriage to the devil by our actions. Protect our offspring and keep them from the evil ideals of this world. Enable us to follow Your blueprint for marriage to become the godly family You want us to be.


Morning Prayer for My Wife


It’s another day for my dear spouse, coming with its own challenges. I implore you to give her the grace to overcome them every step of the way. Grant her the wisdom to navigate whatever comes her way and help her to be the most productive today. Fill her mind with an awareness of Your presence as she goes about her day. That way she will face the day already victorious knowing that she doesn’t walk alone.


Goodnight Prayer for My Wife


I thank you for today and the many blessings and lessons it brought to my wife and me. As she goes to sleep, trade her worries and anxieties for Your perfect peace. Block out every noise keeping her awake so that she may fall asleep quickly. Your word says that You give sleep to those You love and I know you love my spouse, even more than I do. Therefore give her true rest Lord, so that she may wake up refreshed and ready to face life head-on.


Prayer for Her Health

My Lord,

I come in gratitude for my wife’s life and her health. I thank You because You are the one from whom healing flows. Today I ask that my wife be liberated from every form of sickness and disease. Destroy and extinguish any illness that may have infiltrated her body or mind.  Continually bless her with the well-being of mind, body, and spirit so that she can live fully and be a good wife and a great mother.


Prayer for Her Protection

Lord God,

My prayer for my wife this day is that you keep her safe from every danger. As dear as she is to me, there’s only so much I can do to protect her. But You are our omnipresent defender, rock and fortress and so I commit her to Your divine protection. Command your angels to keep watch over my dear every second of every day. Thwart every wicked plan of the evil one against her life and shield her from every adverse attack.


Prayer for Her Emotional Challenges

Father in Heaven,

Living in this world can be tough on our emotions sometimes. It is with this in mind that I lift my darling spouse to you. When difficulties threaten to take a toll on her emotions, I ask that You grant her stability and strength. May she experience constant victory on the battlefield of her mind. Heal her emotional wounds and silence her insecurities and anxieties. May she constantly look to You for help in her struggles and weakness.


Prayer for Her Career and Future

Dear Lord,

Today I pray for my wife’s job and career. I ask that You infuse a spirit of excellence so that she may stand out among her peers. Open the doors of opportunities that she needs to get ahead. May she trust Your plans and never be afraid of her future. Shield her from the lies of the enemy so that she may pursue her career goals without doubting herself. Help her be a great steward of Your resource gifts and glorify You in her work.


Prayer for Her Motherhood

Dear Father,

I give You thanks for my wife and the amazing gift You have bestowed on her to raise children. I understand that motherhood comes with its daily challenges and obstacles, especially in our modern world. So in these times of adversity, Lord, I ask that You help my wife to draw strength from You. Help her to look to You for direction and counsel as she brings up children in a broken world.


Prayer for My Wife’s Strength

Our God,

As a husband, I understand that my spouse cannot thrive without the strength You give. That’s why I come to You today on their behalf to ask for a fresh release of strength daily. Bestow on her the fortitude to carry her responsibilities as Your child, a wife, and a mother. Help her to draw and channel the grace You’ve made available to Your children into every aspect of her life, making them flourish.


Prayer for Her Fears

Lord God,

My prayer for my wife this day is that she lives in the knowledge of who she is in You. Cause her to understand this so that she will never give in to fear or uncertainties. When her mind is tempted to slip into worry, remind her to surrender to You. In the face of doubts and fear, may she be constantly reminded of Your Word which tells us to worry about nothing but pray with thanksgiving about everything.



The best way to be a loving and supportive husband is by praying for your wife. It is not only important but a powerful way to sustain a beautiful marriage. Also, it serves as a perfect example of how Christ loved the church.

However, if your prayers are for your future spouse, the words you speak go into your future to lay a solid foundation for what would become a strong, blissful marriage. They also ensure you meet and unite with God’s chosen spouse for you.

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