Best Afternoon Prayers to Bless Your Day


The Bible teaches believers to pray constantly. Saying your afternoon prayers is a great way to make this a habit in your life.

They help ground you, bring inner peace and stabilize your sometimes stress-filled day.

However, it’s practical that you may not know what to say as a prayer in the afternoon. Do you thank God for the day or just state a request and keep it short?

This article will discuss the significance of afternoon prayers. It will also explore their origins. Additionally, the article will provide examples of short, descriptive prayers that you can say to God throughout your day.

What is Afternoon Prayer Called?

An afternoon prayer is a way to communicate with God during the middle of the day. It usually takes place between 12 noon and 4 pm.

Traditionally, to maintain a prayer attitude, it was recommended that Christians pray at least seven times a day.

These times are:

  • On rising, usually 6 am.
  • The third hour (9 am).
  • The sixth hour (12 pm).
  • The ninth hour (3 pm).
  • The eleventh hour (6 pm).
  • At bedtime, usually 9 pm.
  • At midnight (12 am).

The morning prayers are called ‘lauds’ and the midday prayers ‘vespers’.

The purpose of this was to help believers create a routine of prayer. It was also meant to teach them how to draw strength from God and communicate with Him throughout their day.

By focusing on Him, you can live with the awareness of the help and grace you have access to in Him. This awareness will help you face life’s challenges.

We have created short examples to assist you with your afternoon prayers today. Additionally, we have compiled a collection of good afternoon blessings to encourage you in your efforts to live victoriously.

Good Afternoon Prayer Of Gratitude

Father In Heaven,

I thank You for the gift of today. Thank you for the numerous blessings I have experienced, and even the lessons. Thank You for the little miracles like sunlight, birdsong, food and my family and friends. I pray that you help me maintain an attitude of gratitude even as I go through the rest of my day. Help me not to lose my grateful heart when inconveniences come my way.


Catholic Afternoon Prayer: The Angelus

The angel of the Lord declared unto Mary: And she conceived of the Holy Spirit.

(Hail Mary: 

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen)

Behold the handmaid of the Lord: Be it done to me according to your word.

(Hail Mary)

And the Word was made flesh: And dwelt among us.

(Hail Mary)

Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God: That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us pray:

Pour forth we beseech you, O Lord, your grace into our hearts that we to whom the incarnation of Christ, your Son, was made known by the message of an angel, may be brought by his passion and cross to the glory of the resurrection, through the same Christ our Lord.


Afternoon Prayer for Today


Thank you for Your presence with me throughout the day even when I wasn’t conscious of it.

Thank You for orchestrating the details of my life for good. Help me to keep finding rest in the awareness that I do not face life alone. Give me the strength to get through the rest of the day. Grant me the wisdom to excel at everything I have to do today, including my job, raising my kids, and even my academics. Grant me also the tranquility to accept the unchangeable things and the courage to make efforts where I can. Fill my heart with Your incredible peace.


Afternoon Prayer for Family

Dear God,

I thank You for the gift of my family. As I pray, I think of them and can only imagine how their days are going. My confidence is that whatever they may be up to, I know You watch over them as well. I pray that You strengthen them as they go about their jobs, schools, or errands. Help them excel at whatever they put their hands to do. Keep them from the hands of the enemy. Protect them from accidents and evil circumstances so that they may get home safely at the end of the day. Give them the grace as well to grow closer to You and bask in Your love every day that passes.


Mid Afternoon Prayer


It’s the middle of the day and I’ve come to be in Your presence. Thank You for causing me to rise today and every day, pursuing the tasks that You have placed in my hands. Please forgive my mistakes and shortcomings, especially the moments when I didn’t involve or trust You enough. Rather than worry and stress, I ask that You teach me to always depend on You. Cause me to live with You as the center of everything I do. Let my words and meditations be pleasing to You and bless others. Help me become a better version of myself day by day so that I can truly be the light You made me as. Strengthen me, watch over me, and keep me safe through the rest of the day.


Short Afternoon Prayer

My God,

As I pause at this moment to reflect on Your goodness, keep me in awe of You. Help me Lord, to count my blessings, Open my eyes to see the day’s lessons. Cause me to walk in Your ways, so that Your grace will fill my days. May Your hand uphold me. Even in storms, I will be. Keep me grateful for all that has come, help me to walk without fear into all that is to come.


Powerful Afternoon Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this moment of reflection. As I say this blessed afternoon prayer, help me to experience peace and fresh grace in Your presence. Renew my strength Lord as I go about the work You have given me. Give me the wisdom to solve problems rather than complain about them, and the grace to work towards the goals I have set. Bless me Lord, bless my loved ones, and bless Your people.



Making time for an afternoon prayer can truly transform the trajectory of your life. A few good afternoon blessings during the bustle of the day keep you not just afloat, but thriving irrespective of what goes on around you.

So whenever things feel overwhelming, or whenever it crosses your mind to talk to God, make some time to just enjoy God’s presence and bring your needs before Him. You can be sure to get that extra boost of spiritual strength you need to take the rest of the day by storm.

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