7 Back to School Prayers


Education is a necessity in the cycle of life. It is because it develops our life coping skills. Life coping skills lead to building a healthy society of responsible people.

School life comes with a lot of demands from students, teachers and administrators. No matter how demanding it is, each group have their part to play. This is all done for the school to run smoothly and God loves order.

Even if these demands lead to stress and, it makes us anxious about school, God is telling us that he will comfort us if we call on him. Philippians 4:6-7 affirms this.

“Let your reasonableness[a] be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

To overcome the school workload, we have to turn to God and ask for help. God’s divine strength is what we need every session to overcome school stress.

Back To School Prayer For Students

Heavenly Father,
I have come to you again.
I have sinned against you,
I pray you forgive me
Another session is about to start
School comes with a lot of demands that I must meet
I pray that you give me divine strength
I also ask that you grant me divine wisdom
For my exams and in decision making
Father, I pray you give me grace not to stray away
I will always walk in your ways
I will also find favour in the eyes of everyone
In Jesus name

Back To School Prayer For Teachers

King of kings,
In any way, I have sinned against you,
I pray you forgive my sins.
It’s a new school season,
And I want to ask for your grace over me throughout
The grace to teach the way you taught at the temple,
The grace to handle the students
I pray that you give my students the wisdom to understand my teaching
Through Jesus Christ our Lord

Back To School Prayers For School Administrators

It is another school year.
I pray for your wisdom to administer justly this session
I also ask for your grace of divine strength
For I understand my strength won’t take me far
May your name be highly exalted
In the name of Jesus

Back To School Prayer For Grandchildren

Please forgive my sins
My grandchildren are going back to school soon
More than them, I know what school demands
I pray you give them strength
I also pray for wisdom to make the right decisions
I pray that they don’t associate with people that will sway them from
They’ll continue to shine in your light
No harm will come to them
As they have gone, so they will come
In Jesus name

Back To School Prayer For My Son

Father in heaven
I lift my son to you
He is about to go back to school
I cannot always watch him
I pray you watch over him for me
I ask that you grant him divine understanding
Harm will not come his way
In the name of Jesus

Back To School Prayer For My Daughter

Heavenly Father,
I dedicate my daughter to you
I ask you give her wisdom to make the right choices
She won’t be prey to anyone
I pray you keep her safe
And also open up her mind to grab what they teach her.
In Jesus name

Back To School Prayer For Those With A Leadership Position

It’s another school year
And I am leading a group of people in school
Like King Solomon
I pray you grant me wisdom to lead them well and make wise decisions
I also want to ask that you give me patience when I have been pushed to the wall.
Thank you, Lord, for answered prayers
In Jesus name


More specific points to be added to back to prayers are protection, wisdom, health, strength, favour and academic excellence. Praying before going back to school gives us all the confidence we need. We are confident because we are sure that God is by our side.

School might be a lot of work but let’s look at the bright side. We get to meet our friends and do fun activities with them. Remember, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.