6 Prayers for a Job Interview Success


Interviews can be so emotionally demanding and time-consuming to prepare for. Even though they’re every unemployed person’s prayer, it’s still a dread to sit in front of a panel of three or four persons to answer questions that can partially determine your future.

No matter what interviews are about, remember that the Holy Spirit is there to help you, as it says in Romans 8:26 NLT. God himself promised to be with you through all of it in Isaiah 41:10, so fear is not an option. All you have to do is to ask for the Lord’s help in prayer and he will definitely answer your request.

This article will give you the Bible’s perspective on work, tips for acing a job interview, and prayers to help you get the job you plan on interviewing for.

What Does the Bible Say About Work?

There are different scriptures across the Bible that give good information on the ideal perspective that people should have about work as Christians. One major key principle on work in the Bible centers around faith. As Christians, faith should always be accompanied by work, likewise the reverse.

 “Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.” James 2:17 KJV. As you work, don’t depend solely on your strength but trust God to bring forth the fruit of your labor. Likewise, don’t have faith without working. If you don’t go out into the fields to work, nothing will work out for you. 

In Colossians 3:23, Christians are advised to work as though they are working for God and not man. The scripture says, “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” If you focus on doing a job just to please the desires of men, you might not go very far. Working for men makes you dependent on their attitude towards you. It affects the results of your fruits as you now serve as a response to man’s actions. 

As you work for the Lord, you are serving a God who stays consistent in His nature, seeking to please Him with your service at all times. “Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” Ephesians 6:7 NLT.

The Bible tells us to work hard and be honest. Proverbs 10:9, Proverbs 28:6. If you do so, you’ll get the rewards of your hard labor. Proverbs 14:23 MSG.

The Bible’s perspective on work can be summarized below;

  • Work with integrity and honesty;
  • Work only to please the Lord;
  • While you serve, please have faith in the Lord;
  • Your hard work will pay off. Mere talk does nothing;

Tips for a Successful Interview

  • Be Punctual: This is the best first impression you can make when attending an interview. If it’s physical, you should ensure that you are at the venue at least 10 minutes before the interview. A virtual interview demands that you join in on the call 20-30 minutes before the interview so that you can have time to sort out your lighting, network connection, etc.
  • Do Your Homework (Research): Make sure to do your appropriate findings. Before you meet with the company, it’s important to understand both the job you’re applying for and the company itself. If possible, look up your potential interviewers. These people might be the HR professionals of the company or the MD. If they have active LinkedIn profiles, go through them to have a subtle understanding of how they think and what to expect.
  • Be Prepared: Preparation is key. Prepare yourself by choosing a suitable outfit for the day, practicing your answers to interview questions, conducting deep research on the role and the company, navigating the physical location before the interview day (if it’s physical) as well as other preparations that would help you remain calm on that day.
  • Be Honest: Dishonesty will only be to your detriment at the end of the day. Don’t fabricate experiences that you cannot defend. Tell the truth and ask God for favor in the interview.
  • Keep up good communication: You should act nicely towards the interviewer. Look good, speak well, and put up a nice calm smile. 
  • Pray: The last and most important tip here is to pray. This is the edge you have as Christian after all the preparations made. Below is a list of prayers that can help you prefer your request on all that has to do with getting a job.

Prayer for a Successful Job Interview

Father, I know you are with me at all times. Thank you for the interview offer. I know you are well on your way to giving me an answer to my prayer for a job. Lord, I have done my part. I have prepared as well as an exceptional candidate should. Please crown my efforts with success. Grant me grace, favor, and the wisdom to give the best answer to every question. You know the hearts of the interviewers and the answers they seek. Please help me answer their questions in the way they desire. Thank you for the answered prayer.


Prayer for a New Job

Dear Lord, I am not satisfied with my current job. Please I need an upgrade from where I currently am. Lord Jesus, please help me get a better job that fits my next level in life. I want to grow in a more accommodating environment. You said in your word that your plans will prosper me and give me an expected end, please let my next job prosper me and lead me to your proposed ending. Help me connect with the right people that will give me this job.


Prayer After a Job Interview

Dear Father, thank you for helping me. I could see your finger in everything that happened. I have done my part, please take over from here. Grant me grace and favor whenever my name is being spoken. Teach me what to say and when to say it. Let your supernatural help come upon me wholly. Hold my hand every step of the way, Lord. And I declare that I’ll be the preferred candidate in the hearts of all my interviewers In Jesus’ name.


Prayer for Good Luck on the Job Interview

Lord, I decree favor, grace, blessings, success, good tidings, and good luck today. I go with God’s backing. I go as one who is helped by God, therefore I am bound to succeed! As I step out, I step out in faith and boldness. I am victorious and I will win. I declare that I will come out successful in this interview. Nothing can stop me from getting this job if it is Your will. Do what only you can do. Thank you for listening to me, for being here with me and for granting me success.


Catholic Prayer for Job Interview

“Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in you. Please grant me the security and stability of a job that will provide for me and my family. Help me to prepare for and succeed in my upcoming job interview. May my job be fulfilling and allow me to serve others in accordance with your will. Help me to work with honesty and diligence, and may my labor be fruitful in all aspects.”


Short Prayer for a Job Interview

Dear Lord, I’m right in front of these interviewers but I’m tense. Please calm my racing heart. Give me the confidence I need and the right answers to every question. I know that you are with me. I will not be afraid.


Final Thoughts

God is concerned about every little thing that concerns you. He wants to help you pick the right clothes for the interview, practice your lines with you, and hold your hand as you answer your questions. Depriving him of such pleasure is something he wouldn’t want you to do, so why not cast your cares and burdens on him today?

Don’t hesitate to always call on him when it seems your preparations and attempts are bleak. Pray before the interview. Pray in your heart during the interview and pray after the interview. Even when a rejection is given, don’t give up! Keep applying and be led by His Spirit. He holds your future in his palms and he’s so intentional about it. So sit back, and watch God show up for you as your Father.

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