Monday's Daily Devotional


“I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.” John‬ ‭15‬:‭15‬ ‭NIV.

The Intimacy of Friendship with Jesus

In the ancient world, the relationship between a rabbi and his disciples, or a master and a slave, wasn’t that of friendship. The subordinate could have been a trusted, loyal, and hardworking servant, but he was never considered a friend of the master.

Instead, this master-servant relationship was marked by servitude, obedience without understanding the thoughts or ideas behind the instruction, and full submission to the master’s ways. It was a pattern that everyone seemed satisfied with during their time. But Jesus longed for a deeper relationship with his disciples; hence, he called them friends.

The first phrase, ‘I no longer call you servants…,’ is a striking revelation of the fact that Jesus once considered his disciples as servants. He expected them to obey and follow him based on the incomplete knowledge they had of his master’s plan. As the text progresses, we discover that Jesus promoted them to the friendship stage because of their newfound complete knowledge of His plans.

John 15:15 is not only for the disciples he walked with while he was here on earth. This scripture is a perfect example of what our relationship with Jesus should look like. He is extending that arm of intimacy and deep relationship to us. Jesus wants to call you ‘friend.’ Unfortunately, many Christians are stuck in the servitude stage of their relationship with God. The question here is, ‘Who is a friend of Jesus? And how do I become one?

How to Experience Intimacy with God? 

  • The first step is to give your life to Jesus if you haven’t already. You can do this by praying the sinner’s prayer. Study the word of God every day and pray to Jesus. Also, be attentive to feedback in the form of promptings in your heart.
  • Join a gathering of believers. These are the other friends of Jesus who can motivate you to get closer to Him.
  • Participate in evangelism or find other ways to serve God in your church.
  • Lastly, talk to Him about your problems, desires, and dilemmas. Have conversations with Him just as you would with a friend.

To accept this friendship, pray the prayer below:

Prayer for Experiencing Intimacy with God

Dear Jesus, I am truly grateful for your outstretched hand of friendship. Today, I accept you not only as my Lord but also as my dear friend. Guide me to be a faithful friend by praying, studying your word, and obeying your teachings. In this friendship, may I find strength, wisdom, and comfort.


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